About Us

In September 1973, Emanuel Bezzina opened for business selling newspapers and stationery items in the growing village of Naxxar.  The major part of the village was still rural in those days and so it was considered as a very bold move when four years later he moved to larger premises selling small and large electrical household items. Business was growing every year so eventually electronics were also added at a later stage.

In 1999, the need arose for a new store to cater for the central part of Malta, so in March, Gardenia Homecentre was inaugurated in the town of Birkirkara.


In 2002, satellite systems and satellite installations were added to the portfolio of products offering the latest technological advances in the sector. Later, due to the increasing demand for satellite services it was decided to move from retailing to importing and distributing of the satellite products.


In 2010, after years in the retailing sector of electronics it was decided, that in order to continue offering the best prices and hence the best service to the customer, to change the electronics department from the retailing, i.e. supplied from local businesses  to the direct import of products thus complimenting the satellite department.


Today Gardenia Homecentre, being a family owned and operated business means we take great pride in the level of customer service we provide both before and after a sale. Our goal is to make your purchasing experience as best as it can be.


At Gardenia our aim is to provide the latest and best selection in white goods and consumer electronics from the top brands.

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